Weeping Angels? Are We KIDDING?!

Doctor Who. New Who, specifically. Episodes Blink, The Time Of Angels and Flesh and Stone.




Lemme explain. No, there is no time, lemme sum up.

The Angels are Quantum entities that thanks to a writer seriously misunderstanding Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and the Exclusion Principle, cannot move if it can be seen, INCLUDING SEEING ITSELF, but can move at the speed of light if no-one can.

They must be able to move at the speed of light because the only other option available in physics is that they move at infinite velocity, and if they did that, then they'd be everywhere at the same time, and hence always seen and always unable to move. QED. Speed of Light. Even though their shown speed seems to be around the speed of a human's reasonable trot.

Whilst Heisenberg and the Exclusion Principle both refer to Quantum mechanics, as in subatomic particles which CANNOT BE SEEN, apparently the Angels are only affected by sight, but by any other form of detection, though this makes no sense whatever.

The most sensible defence would be to wear something that is reflective, since as soon as the Angel perceives its reflection, it becomes immobile. As the Angels also have the Handwavium power to eliminate light sources, you might think this could be surmounted, however, in order to kill off Johnny Victim, they need to find Johnny Victim and there's no indication that they can see in the dark any better than we can.

Carrying on from this logic, the most effective way to stop an Angel from moving without looking like a reject from Buck Rogers is to wrap aluminium foil round their heads. This way, they'll always be able to see themselves, and oomph, they're somewhat fucked.

Also, these Angels appears to move em mass, even though logically those Angels that are behind other Angels must freeze those Angels so that in the end only the Angel that's at the very back of the formation can move, and then only as far as it takes to get in front of another one, which, logically, would then start to move, all of which means that no matter how many Angels you are facing, there's only ever going to be one that's any kind of thrteat at all, which makes the concept of an 'Army of Angels' somewhat moot.

Now, one last thing, the Who Lore says that these buggers are effectively living statutes as a defence mechanism because, and I quote, "You can't kill stone."

That's true.


lop the fucking arms off a statue.

And, if that's not enough,

Where do they think GRAVEL comes from?!
Cocking SEAGULLS?!

Sorry, but I am going to call